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Jan 192011

Cognitive Hypnotherapy from Anthony Hilling, Cognitive Hypnotherapist Hypnosis and therapy for Redhill and Reigate Surrey by a trained Cognitive HypnotherapistTrevor Silvester has now completed and published his new book called “Cognitive Hypnotherapy – What’s that about and how can I use it?”.  His book explains the framework, background and practice of Cognitive Hypnotherapy which uses the latest cutting edge techniques from neuroscience and hypnotherapy integrating them into one model for change in both clients and therapists. This book has arrived at this exciting point in time where neuroscience is exploding with new discoveries about how the brain works and how they can be utilised to help people. Having trained with and assisted Trevor in his Cognitive Hypnotherapy courses I recommend this book should be a very well thumbed tool for therapists of any discipline, helping them create positive lasting change in their clients.

Trevor’s book “Cognitive Hypnotherapy”can be purchased from Amazon or from his website at   http://www.questinstitute.co.uk/blog/



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